About Us

The Thirsty Rebels community is a community founded by Leroy and Tseard in Juli 2017. Both made Youtube videos at the very start and had their own small group of friends on their Discord server. They played a lot of games together but mainly Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas on a role play server. A lot of people were interested in the videos that were made due to a lot of views, comments, and likes. After a while, the idea of creating a community came up and both Tseard and Leroy were really excited to make one. The Discord server got renamed, a logo was made and that was the beginning of the Thirsty Rebels!

The transition to the new community was announced on multiple platforms and we’ve expanded heavily. We can say that we have a community of around the 200 members coming from countries all over the world! We are very happy to see that we have a lot of people joining our community and can happily say we are working tirelessly in order to better our community and to make it even bigger!


Tseard & Leroy