Welcome to the Thirsty Rebels community website for people from all over the world with one main interest: gaming.

The concept behind the community is that you need to imagine that you are visiting a bar. You walk into the bar being sober. The staff members are the employees in the bar. Think of the bar tenders, bar owners, bar security. There are certain ranks that you can achieve on the forums and Discord which indicate how active you are. You start off with the sober rank as you just joined the community. After awhile you will be able to rank up to Tipsy. The ranks go on and on.

We plan to do a lot more events in the future with the community. They will be announced prior to the actual event on our event tab and on the forums so make sure you stay tuned to those two! The events can range from live streams to playing a different kind of games with other players. We love to involve others in our live streams and give them a chance to play with us as well. We’d like┬áto know what kind of games you guys want to play with us. You can let us know by sending us an email at info@thirstyrebels.com with all of your favorite games that you want us to play.

We are currently playing the following games:

– Battlefield
– Call of Duty
– Fortnite
– Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Multiplayer
– Grand Theft Auto V
– Rust
– S.W.A.T 4
– Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege